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Employee Screenings 

It is essential for many of our community businesses to continue to serve their clients.  Our screening provides a sense of security for employers to know that their employees are healthy and free from any of the reported Covid-19 symptoms.  This keeps your company operating, keeps your staff healthy and working and reduces the opportunity for your staff to expose your client and/or job site. 

Our staff of Paramedics and/or EMTs will be stationed at the entrance of your jobsite(s).  Prior to your employees entering the site we will administer a temporal lobe temperature check and complete an assessment of their current health status.  


Our screening services would benefit the following types of businesses:


  •  Construction Companies

  •  Restaurants

  •  Retail

  •  Service Repair

For more information, please contact us at 513-904-4337.

Cincinnati Medical Transport

Contact Us:  513-904-4337


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